Battlefield 1 Campaign Details

The Battlefield series has never had earned itself a good reputation for its campaign modes but with Battlefield 1 being set in WW1 there is a big chance to create a story that could finally give Battlefield fans the campaign they have been waiting for. To get things off to a bad start however there have been rumours that there will only be 6 missions in Battlefield 1.

In a leak it was revealed that these 6 missions will take the form of chapters in the Battlefield 1 story. The leak also revealed the names of the missions which might reveal that these 6 chapters may take us to various settings from across WW1:

  • Friends in High Places
  • Nothing is Written
  • Through Mud and Blood
  • Avanti Savoia!
  • The Runner
  • Epilogue

Danny Berlin who is the Battlefield 1 lead designer did reveal that these chapters could come in the form of large, multiplayer-esque maps that could mean that these missions will take place in an open world setting unlike the normal linear Battlefield campaigns.

Whatever happens with the layout of the Battlefield 1 story, fans will be hoping that they finally get a campaign worth playing.

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