Blackwake PS4, Xbox One and Console Release Coming Soon

Blackwake has had a very positive early release so far on Steam and so it is no surprise that many fans of the game who play on console will want to see Blackwake PS4 and Xbox One versions in the future but for the meanwhile try not to get too excited.

When a fan asked on the official Blackwake Twitter if the game would be coming to consoles the response was not too encouraging:

Fan“Hey @blackwakegame do you plan for console versions”

Blackwake“No plans for console versions at this time”

Not too encouraging for fans who have been waiting for Blackwake PS4, Xbox One and console releases although this was initially posted over a year and a half ago and in that time the focus could have shifted which is hinted by a Blackwake developer on Reddit.

When asked if Blackwake would release on consoles the Blackwake developer “DankestRum” said the following on Reddit:

“It’s something we’d like to do but we have no plans right now. So if we did it’d come well after release.”

So there you have it, the intent is there but many developers in the past on early access Steam games have promised console releases with nothing being made of it although it is still early days for the Blackwake team and progress towards console releases could hopefully be made very soon for their patient fans.

Blackwake PS4



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