Colony Survival Commands & Cheats List

Below you can find the full Colony Survival commands & cheats list to help you to have some fun and and play the way that you desire. To enable the Colony Survival commands & cheats you must first press the “T” key and then enter the command “/cheats on” and then enter the codes of your choice.

Colony Survival Commands & Cheats List

Enable flying (note that you must press F to toggle flying and hold SHIFT to fly faster):

/setflight true

Teleport to your banner:

/teleport banner

Teleport to specific coordinates (x, y, and z should be replaced by the desired coordinate numbers):

/teleport x y z

Change time (replace # with the desired number of hours to move forward)

/time add #

Obtain any item (replace ItemID with the item’s ID and # with the quantity of the item):

/loot ItemID #

Colony Survival Item IDs

Item Item ID
Adobe adobe
Arrow arrow
Axe axe
Banner banner
Bed bed
Berry berry
Berry Seed berrybush
Bow bow
Bread bread
Bricks bricks
Clay clay
Coal Ore coalore
Coated Planks coatedplanks
Command Tool commandtool
Crate crate
Dirt dirt
Flax flax
Flax Seeds flaxstage1
Flour flour
Furnace furnace
Gold Coin goldcoin
Gold Ingot goldingot
Gold Ore goldore
Grass grass
Grass Rainforest grassrainforest
Grass Savanna grasssavanna
Grass Taiga grasstaiga
Grass Temperate grasstemperate
Grass Tundra grasstundra
Grindstone grindstone
Gypsum gypsum
Iron Ingot ironingot
Iron Ore ironore
Leaves leaves
Leaves Taiga leavestaiga
Leaves Temperate leavestemperate
Linseed Oil linseedoil
Log log
Log Taiga logtaiga
Log Temperte logtemperate
Mint mint
Oven oven
Pickaxe pickaxe
Planks planks
Plaster Block plasterblock
Quiver quiver
Sand sand
Sapling sappling
Snow snow
Stone Block stoneblock
Stone Bricks stonebricks
Straw straw
Torch torch
Water water
Wheat wheat
Wheat Seeds wheatstage1
Workbench workbench

Colony Survival Commands



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