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Sometime in the not-too-distant future, a deadly virus is once again sweeping the globe, infecting everyone in its path and killing off almost all the human race. To the horror of the survivors, the dead have begun rising from the grave, hell-bent on feeding on the living and wiping out mankind for good. But, just as it seems all is lost, a small pocket of survivors emerges, determined to take back the world from the undead.

You are one of these survivors. Armed to the teeth and totally outnumbered, you’re the last hope of discovering a cure for the virus and saving humanity. Just remember to lock, load, and aim for the brain!

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The AI has no idea how to handle two traps next to each other placed just far enough apart that they won't explode if a zombie is in between them. They just stand there, slightly shuffling back and forth until one expires or you kill them.

Aside from Dr. Morden, the survivors never encounter another living soul.

Every zombie you kill helps your country compete in a world league against other zombie-killing nations. This is tracked in the main menu.


PSA:"This just in- fire burns the undead."

Easter Eggs

Midway through the park level is a small carnival area, replete with zombified clowns.

Getting every trophy nets you the "Romero Would Be Proud" Platinum Trophy in reference to the famous zombie movie maker.

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