Dynasty Warriors 9 PS3 & Xbox 360 Release Details

Dynasty Warriors 9 PS3 & Xbox 360 releases appear to be in doubt as the games eventual console release has seemingly skipped over the last generation of consoles in favour of the potential PS4 and Xbox One releases of the much loved game.

Console gamers will be hit with the news that there will be no release of Dynasty Warriors 9 PS3 or Xbox 360 versionsĀ as it seems that most developers will slowly start moving away from the last generation of consoles so as to help them utilise the full power of the new console generation.

Users of the newer consoles will be the happier of the console gamers as they will know that the game will be using all of the new features that their updated consoles have as the Xbox 360 and PS3 slowly drift from developers attention and so it is no surprise that this latest release will not be making its way onto the PS3 or Xbox 360.

The most immersive and ambitious DYNASTY WARRIORS experience to date;Explore China through the waning days of the Han dynasty + emergence of the Three Kingdoms era;Classic “one versus thousands” action iconic to the Warriors series as feudal warlords vie for dominance over the land;Expansive open world environment with new features, characters, content and an unprecedented world map;Adapt to your surroundings to gain the upper hand in battle;Throw enemies in to the wall or use the environment to hide from your foes;Play as all-new and returning characters – 83 characters from the DYNASTY WARRIORS series + a selection of new faces

Dynasty Warriors 9 PS3



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