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The story begins today with the Empire in disarray. The Emperor is sick and a bitter fight for succession has already begun. The Federation has a weak President, and some frontier States are looking to leave it.

Players are free to throw themselves into the story wholeheartedly, participate a little, or not at all. How players choose to respond will directly affect the outcome of the current events, and the unfolding story beyond.

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Updated game based on the original 1984 classic.

Funded by a kickstarter campaign

Contains space stations that pay tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy and Terry Pratchett


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Elite: Dangerous on the Xbox One is a fantastic game with beautiful graphics, and a mind blowing amount of independence it provides for gamers. Therein lies the problem, though. Gamers often comment that there is \”nothing to do\” in the game, though the ability to visit over 400 billion star systems is impressive. Despite that, players are given little in the sense of direction to start. The game hands the reigns over to the player immediately with almost no direction, and a steep learning curve on top of it. When I first played it, I was overwhelmed (pleasantly) by the… Read more »