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Imagine you have been trained to handle the "unknown" - armed with the latest in high tech weaponry - and you have been called in to handle a crisis. You find out a paramilitary force has infiltrated a multi billion dollar aerospace compound taking hostages, but issuing no demands. The government has responded by sending in its best special operations teams only to have them obliterated. You have been given full executive authority to end the crisis by ANY means necessary. You go in expecting the unknown- but are completely unprepared for what you'll experience

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At one point during the game's development, lead level designer John Mulkey said to a fellow employee that he had seen a shadow in the restroom mirror. The employee agreed that the atmosphere in the room was "creepy", as there was a non-working light and one flickering one. John Mulkey insists that he saw something and, although no one seems to believe him, the restroom is hardly used anymore.

Initially a car chase sequence was to be implemented into the game, although it was scrapped during development. The car does make it into the final product, however, as the car that the main character arrives in.

The name of the main antagonist, Alma, roughly translates from Latin to "nourishing one" and is the root for the phrase "Alma Mater" which literally translates to "fostering mother".


Paxton Fettel: You again... they tried to bury their sins, but instead planted the seeds of their doom. A war is coming. I've seen it in my dreams. Fire sweeping over the earth, bodies in the streets, cities turned to dust. Retaliation.

Easter Eggs

On most of the bulletin boards in the game you will see "TPS Reports". This is a reference to the movie "Office Space" (1999) where Bill Lumberg was always bothering Peter Gibbons about his TPS Reports.

In the game there are several references to the sci-fi/horror movie Event Horizon(1997). You can see a magazine cover in some levels that reads "Event Horizon found!". Also, on the multiplayer level "Asylum", there is a line written on the wall of a room that says "Liberate tu temet Ex Inferis", the same word heard in the distress call sent by the Event Horizon in the movie.

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