Factorio Console Commands & Cheats List

Need a little extra boost when playing Factorio? Look no further than the Factorio Console Commands listed below which can help give you a bit of an advantage when playing the popular game.

The Factorio console commands input can be activated by pressing the ‘/’ or ‘~’ keys. Once you have activated the menu you are free to add any of the below console commands to your Factorio game.

Factorio Console Commands & Cheats List

Use it as calculator

/c game.player.print(1234 * 5678)

Mine faster

/c game.player.force.manual_mining_speed_modifier=1000

Craft faster

/c game.player.force.manual_crafting_speed_modifier=1000

Unlock and Research all Technology

/c game.player.force.research_all_technologies()

Undo this with:

for _, tech in pairs(game.player.force.technologies) do tech.researched=false end

Reset any modifiers to default

This includes Tech and speed alterations.

/c game.player.force.reset()

Zoom beyond normal bounds

Note that zooming too far out can cause performance hits. Be careful.

/c game.player.zoom = 0.1

Inventory Manipulation

Refill resources (refill oil, iron etc.)

While holding the cursor over a resource tile in-game

/c game.player.selected.amount=7500

Add items to the player’s inventory

Replace iron-plate with the internal name of the item desired.

/c game.player.insert{name="iron-plate", count=100}

Cheat mode

Allows for infinite free crafting. Disable by replacing true with false.

/c game.player.cheat_mode=true

World Manipulation

Turn off night

Enables eternal day.

/c game.surfaces[1].always_day=true

Change Game Speed

0.5 is half speed, 1 is default, 2 is double speed, etc. This can be used for a lot of things like when you know you will have to wait for long periods of time for something to complete. Increasing will decrease performance, be careful.

/c game.speed = X

Freeze Time Passage

Stops the advancement of the time if true is passed, or unfreezes it if false is passed.

/c game.player.surface.freeze_daytime(BOOL)

Add new resource patch

This creates a new 5×5 patch of resources, centered on the player character. For resources other than stone, just change “stone” to “iron-ore”, “copper-ore”, or “coal”

/c local surface = game.player.surface;
for y=-2,2 do
 for x=-2,2 do
  surface.create_entity({name="stone", amount=5000, position={game.player.position.x+x, game.player.position.y+y}})


Check how far the biters have evolved

Note that commands that do not start with “/c” do not disable achievements.


Set evolution factor

Ranges from 0 (new game) to 1.

/c game.evolution_factor=X

Disable time-based evolution & increases pollution-based evolution

/c game.map_settings.enemy_evolution.time_factor = 0
/c game.map_settings.enemy_evolution.pollution_factor = game.map_settings.enemy_evolution.pollution_factor * 2

The “2” at the end of the last command will double the default pollution factor. You can substitute another number to increase (or decrease) the pollution factor further.

Kill all biters on the “enemy” force

Note that this will kill only mobile units and worms, spawners will not be killed.

/c game.forces["enemy"].kill_all_units()

Kill all enemies

This will kill all biters, bases and worms. Anything that is an enemy will be completely destroyed. This only affects enemies in the explored world, so any unexplored parts of the map which still need to be generated will still have enemies.

/c local surface = game.player.surface
for c in surface.get_chunks() do
   for key, entity in pairs(surface.find_entities_filtered({area={{c.x * 32, c.y * 32}, {c.x * 32 + 32, c.y * 32 + 32}}, force= "enemy"})) do

Enable peaceful mode

Peaceful mode prevents biter attacks until provoked. Substitute false for true to disable.

/c game.player.surface.peaceful_mode = true

Player Character

Commands concerning the player directly.

Get Player Position

Prints coordinates of your current position.

/c game.player.print({"", "(", game.player.position.x, ", ", game.player.position.y, ")"})

Teleport player

Moves the player to the specified location. You should be able to teleport to a specific player if you obtain their coordinates via them executing the previous command and giving them to you.

/c game.player.teleport({X, Y})

To teleport to the world’s origin, use 0,0.

Spawn a player character

This is useful for escaping god mode. (see Console#Enable_god_mode.) This will spawn a new player at the spawn point of the world, and connect your controls to it.

/c game.player.character = game.player.surface.create_entity{name="player", position = {0,0}, force = game.forces.player}

Change Player color

Note that commands that do not start with “/c” do not disable achievements. Replace COLOR with the name of a color.

/color COLOR

Enable god mode

God mode removes your player character allowing you to fly over obstacles and take no damage.

Disassociate your controls from the player:

/c game.player.character = nil

Then, hover the mouse over the useless player and destroy it by typing:

/c game.player.selected.destroy()


Enable faster research

/c game.player.force.laboratory_speed_modifier = 1

1 is normal speed, 2 is double speed 3 is triple etc. I think it goes up to 100.

Enabling specific technologies

Enabling technologies (forums)

/c game.player.force.technologies['electric-energy-distribution-1'].researched=true
/c game.player.force.technologies['steel-processing'].researched=true

Finish research immediately

/c for name,technology in pairs(game.player.force.technologies) do technology.researched=technology.enabled end

Large Screenshots

And finally, this is how you would take a large HD screenshot. As usual, replace the X and Y with the values you wish.

The file is put into a folder called “script-output”, which is located in the same location as the mods folder. These pictures can be quite large.

/c game.take_screenshot{resolution = {x = XPOS, y = YPOS}}


/c game.take_screenshot{showgui = true, resolution = {x = XPOS, y = YPOS}}

Factorio Console Commands


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