Homefront The Revolution Story/Campaign detailed

Homefront The Revolution continues on from the story of the first Homefront game with the armies of the unified Korea having taken over the USA and freedom fighters trying to push them back.

Homefront The Revolution’s Story/Campaign will this time take us to Philadelphia in a world where computer hacking, surveillance, economic collapse, overreliance on technology and terrorism is rampant and greatly exaggerated on what the world is like today.

The main story takes place in 2029 with a united Korea having become one of the world’s global superpowers. The USA has grown reliant on Korea for all of their military and technological purchases which Korea has sabotaged to make useless. When the time is right Korea activates their sabotaged technology and easily takes over the defenceless USA.

The main campaign will have us playing as a member of an underground resistance movement which aims to take down the Korean forces occupying Philadelphia, by taking back zones, much like other games like Infamous, Far Cry and Watch Dogs.

The Campaign in Homefront The Revolution is the whole focus of the game this time around with no competitive multiplayer and no essense of pvp combat, so it would make sense that the story will be quite a long one. Deep Silver have released a press release confirming among other things that the story will be 30+ hours long:

“Homefront: The Revolution is this team’s most ambitious project yet. In addition to our epic 30-plus hour single-player campaign, we expect to launch Resistance Mode with 12 Missions, packed with re-playability, and hope to release another 20 Missions within the first year. To ensure our community can always play together, all Resistance Mode Missions will be free to download.”

With the focus on Homefront The Revolution on the story/campaign single player fans should be very happy as it seems that there is a lot of detail and lore put into this edition of Homefront, but only time will tell how the game fares further down the line once the story is complete as the removal of multiplayer will surely put a damper on the games life.



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