Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Details

Horizon Zero Dawn is all but set for a exciting February 2017 release but despite this and the obviously large amount of hours which will be put into Horizon Zero Dawn’s base game many people are focusing their attention on the possibilities of Horizon Zero Dawn DLC.

As of yet there has been no mention of any kind of DLC heading for Horizon Zero Dawn but there is a large amount of pre-order bonuses and microtransaction-esque features in the different pre order versions of Horizon Zero Dawn such as weapon modifications, skins for the main character and in game item unlocks.

Microtransactions would be a strange step for a game such as Horizon Zero Dawn which is purely single player only and so it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that these pre order bonuses can be easily unlocked in game.

As for Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, at this time it would appear that the base game is large enough and there is a lot to do so any potential DLC’s may be put on hold or not implemented at all. For now all we can do is wait for any potential announcements to be made closer to release as we learn more and more about the mysterious world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC



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