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The KILLZONE series, exclusive to PlayStation® platforms, covers the conflicts between the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) and the Helghast Empire.KILLZONE SHADOW FALL introduces a new chapter of the saga on the ISA's stronghold, Planet Vekta. Play as Lucas Kellan, an elite soldier/intelligence officer of the Vektan Government who faces various challenges to stop the terrorist group Black Hand from destroying the planet. Guerrilla Games has continued to release updates for the title after its launch in North America and Europe, such as game patches which offer better support on both single and multiplayer modes. The team is also currently working hard on a multiplayer expansion pack with additional features, as well as preparing two FREE multiplayer maps for theKILLZONE community.

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Sony was sued for lying about Killzone: Shadow Fall's resolution. It was stated that the game would feature native 1920x1080p yet the game's multiplayer component renders at 960x1080p which is almost a thousand pixels less than native 1080p resulting in a much blurrier image.

Killzone: Shadow Fall stands as the sixth game in the entire series

It Was Released Before the PS4 Launch

Easter Eggs

A parody of a Dark Souls poster appears in Lucas' room as a boy.

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