Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC Details

Kingdom Come Deliverance will be releasing very soon but despite the imminent release date some fans are still itching to know whether there will be any Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC to be added further down the line.

In an interview with Fextralife, Tobias Stolz-Zwilling, PR Manager and Martin Ziegler, Technical Designer of Kingdom Come Deliverance commented on the potential for DLC:

“You mentioned in a past update when you went into internal beta that you were taking some cut content that was going to be released as a DLC. Do you have an idea specifically what the DLC is going to look like or what features are going to be in there?”

“Not yet. We promised some stuff on Kickstarter and there was mention that the female character did not make it into the game for different reasons and this might be something that might be added but again we will still have to discuss this. We don’t want to throw anything off the table but just want to keep an open mind and bring it a bit later rather than never.”

At this moment in time you might not be seeing this DLC for quite a while as obviously the game has not even been released yet. For the meanwhile you can enjoy the games base content and patiently wait for any further developments on the Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC after it has finally released.

Kingdom Deliverance DLC



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