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2014 marks the debut of MLB 14: The Show on the PlayStation 4 system, harnessing the platform's next-gen horsepower to deliver an unmatched presentation. Player models benefit from huge advancements in detail, down to the finest hairs on their heads. Photo-realistic stadiums boast four times the texture resolution, with each scene jumping in polygon count from 150,000 to over 1 million. Vastly improved 3D crowds are more lifelike and varied than ever; 42 different crowd member models jump to 1,000 on the PS4 system, each of which are comprised of 10,000 polygons, up from 1,600 last gen. A wealth of new animations, grass rendered down to the last blade, new intro fly-ins, and many other enhancements on the PS4 system bring the atmosphere to life more effectively than ever.

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