My Summer Car Achievements List

My Summer Car Achievements

If you are looking to hunt down your remaining My Summer Car achievements then taking a look at the list below will hopefully help you out.

My Summer Car Achievements List

Party Time 

Bottle of booze drank quickly.” – Drink a bottle of hard liquor.

Case Solved

24 bottles of beer consumed!” – Drink all 24 bottles of beer from one crate.

Magic Portal

“Somehow you don’t remember anything.” – Drink so much alcohol that you pass out.

Welcome to Finland

“You just experienced a Sauna.” – Get the Sauna working.

Golden steam 

“Enjoy the smell.” – Pee on the sauna stove until it steams.

You have a new friend!

“He is drunk, so he must be a friend.” – Successfully pick up and drop off your drunk neighbor from the pub.

Money well spent

“Better luck next time.” – Fail the Car Inspection.

Responsible citizen

“You got your car through inspection” – Pass the Car Inspection.

It runs! 

“Your car actually started, good job!” – Successfully start the Satsuma up for the first time.

And it is gone!

“Say goodbye to your saves.” – Die with perma-death active.

I am coward

No permanent death for you.” – Start the game with perma-death turned OFF.

Proud to be mortal

“When I die, I die for good” – Start the game with perma-death turned ON.

Dakar rally

“you just keep on going.” – Piss in the radiator.

Sliding Swede 

“Coming after Flying Finns!” – Finish the rally in 3rd.

First loser 

“Coming second is just a first loser.” – Finish the rally in 2nd.

Flying Finn

“Top breed of racing drivers.” – Finish the rally in 1st.

Don’t answer that call

“Thunder called you and you got killed.” – Answer the phone during a thunderstorm.


“Maybe you should try the lotto too?” – Win the maximum prize from a Slot Machine.

Rusting Fast 

“Over 200km/h with the Satsuma!” – Reach 200km/h in a heavily modified Satsuma.

Ultimate survivor 

“Drinking your own piss like a pro.” – Drink your own piss.

Grand Theft Teimo 

“you little punk!” – Rob Teimo’s Shop. Currently not available.

Full of crap 

“10 000 litres of crap. Good job!” – Fill your septic truck up to it’s max capacity (10,000 liters of crap).

Finnish wedding 

“Your traditional wedding condition.” – Drink a lot of alcohol.

Working man’s Saturday 

“Time to relax.” – Drink the liquor from the barn or any bottle of hard liquor.

An idiot

“An idiot is definition of you.” – Break the Shop Glass.

Poor people go away 

“A real money man.” – Spend over 2000 mk in the Shop.

Thank you government

“Crime is for poor people only.” – Pay a high ticket.


“That really does it.” – Put the pink plush dash cover in your car.

A true hillbilly

“Shopping groceries with style!” – Drive with the tractor to the shop.

My Summer Car Achievements



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