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RAGE is a groundbreaking first-person shooter set in the not-too-distant future after an asteroid impacts Earth, leaving a ravaged world behind. You emerge into this vast wasteland to discover humanity working to rebuild itself against such forces as raider gangs, mutants, and the Authority – an oppressive government regime that has a special interest in you in particular.

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The look of Dan Hagar is modeled after Walter White, the main character from "Breaking Bad".

A novel based on the video game was written by Matthew J. Costello, also responsible for the video game and was released on August 30, 2011

The game has been described as similar to the movie "Mad Max 2" and to video games such as "Fallout" and "Borderlands". Influences on the driving and racing game-play include games such as "MotorStorm" and "Burnout". Players can upgrade their cars with racing certificates won from games.

The asteroid in the game is based on the real asteroid of the same name: 99942 Apophis, expected to fly by earth around the same time it impacts in the game


Russian Gearhead: Can you believe I used to be a professional hockey player?

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