Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Weapons, Star Cards, Maps & Heroes

The final addition to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront game has arrived in the form of movie tie in Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Scarif. The Rogue One DLC will contain new weapons, star cards, maps and heroes which you can find fully detailed below:

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Weapons

A180 Blaster Pistol – Jyn Erso’s versatile blaster pistol, manufactured to be swiftly reconfigured into a blaster rifle, sniper rifle, or ion launcher. When choosing the A180 blaster you will have your star cards replaced by the weapons different firing modes.

DT-29 – The signature heavy blaster of Orson Krennic, which is fitted with an energy pack that greatly enhances its stopping power and rate of fire. This is the only blaster in the game which has no cool down as it will function more like a revolver.

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Star Cards

SONIC IMPLODER – A sound-based hybrid grenade that temporarily blinds enemies, in addition to lowering their armor rating. The Sonic Imploder also damages any enemies in its immediate vicinity.

TIE STRIKER POWER UP – The Imperials can call in the devastating TIE Striker to make strafing runs on nearby Rebel targets, clearing out heavily fortified enemies.
U-WING POWER UP – Rebel players can take control of the U-wing’s gunner position to rain down damage on the Imperials as it circles the battlefront from above.
Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Maps
4 new maps will feature set in space and on the planet Scarif:
  • Scarif Beach
  • Scarif Jungle
  • Landing Pad 13
  • Shield Gate (Fighter Squadron mode only)

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One Heroes

Jyn Erso – Jyn will use the new A180 Blaster and all of its firing modes and will also have abilities which will allow her to use her baton to inflict lots of melee damage.

Director Krennic – The cruel Director Krennic will focus on boosting teammates defense with his passive ability and deployable R2 Droid which will grant shields and cause gas damage to enemies.

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One



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