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Approximately five years after the events of the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the Jedi, nearly brought to an end by the Sith, are on the brink of extinction. The galaxy is in turmoil and the Republic no longer has the strength to protect its worlds. Sith Assassins are hunting the one they believe to be the last of the Jedi, the one who holds the key to the fate of the galaxy - You.

In addition to an all-new storyline, The Sith Lords will feature a host of memorable returning characters along with sinister new villains. Using over 30 new Force powers, players can turn weak-minded enemies against one another in combat with Force Confusion or see through doors and view character alignment with Force Sight. Players can also explore and battle their way through seven diverse worlds, including the mining colony of Peragus and Telos, a wasteland being rebuilt after its destruction during the war in the original game.

After creating a Jedi from the start with access to specific Jedi abilities, players can split their party to use several characters from your team for concurrent side quests. Tasked with protecting the Old Republic and the Jedi Order from its ultimate demise, players will be challenged with choosing the light side of the Force or surrendering to the lure of the dark side - as the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance

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Was given a 12 month development timeline by LucasArts, an extremely short development time for a computer game.

Pressure from LucasArts to release the game in time for the Christmas season forced Obsidian (Developers) to abbreviate the ending. Things from the ending include:

  1. Atton and Mira arguing whether or not to kill Kreia while she is meditating in the Trayas Core.
  2. Kreia killing Handmaiden/Disciple.
  3. Kreia killing Visas and Mira.
  4. Sion wounding Atton.  Atton dying after talking to player.

This game chronologically takes place five years after the original. The events of the original game are relayed from the player to another character, giving the player the option to base the sequel on either ending the original game offered.


Kreia: It is such a quiet thing to fall... but far more terrible as to admit it.

HK-47: Love is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.

Atton Rand: Well, now that we just killed a planet, maybe one of you can tell me what's going on! Because between assassin droids, a Sith Lord that looks like he sleeps with vibroblades, and being target practice for a Republic warship, I was better off in my cell!

Visas: My life for yours.

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