The Last Guardian Xbox One Details

The Last Guardian has been one of gamings biggest mysteries of the last 10 years with constant delays and uncertainty surrounding The Last Guardian ever since it was first announced in 2007. One of the least obvious mysterious however was whether there would be a The Last Guardian Xbox One version with the answer being a very resounding no.

There are many reasons there won’t be a The Last Guardian Xbox One release with the most obvious being the games exclusivity to the PS4. The Last Guardian is developed by SIE Japan Studio who have only ever released their games onto Playstation systems and Sony are very keen on it remaining this way.

Another reason why The Last Guardian won’t release onto the Xbox One is the sheer faith that Sony have put into the project by deciding to stick by the developers and carry on attempting to release the game despite numerous setbacks, a new console generation and nearly 10 years of development.

Simply put The Last Guardian won’t be releasing on the Xbox One or any other console ever because doing so would reflect very badly on Sony, Playstation and any other console exclusives that they currently have.

The Last Guardian xbox one



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