Will Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Have Co Op?   Recently updated !

In the past some Resident Evil games have included some kind of co op feature but this time around for Resident Evil 7 it would appear that the game will not be getting any co op features.

As of now there has been no official details on whether Resident Evil 7 will have co op and with the game releasing in around two weeks time the silence of the matter confirms that Resident Evil 7 will not be getting any co op.

The other hint towards Resident Evil not having co op is the fact that the rating boards and store pages have not released any details which hint towards co op both offline and online.

Do not lose too much hope if you are holding out for a Resident Evil 7 co op as game modes for other Res games have been released much later into the games life so there is still a very slim possibility of the same happening in the latest Res game.



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