Witch It PS4 & Xbox One Release Details

Witch It has enjoyed a great deal of success so far after releasing onto the PC and so it is no surprise that fans on the consoles are hoping to see a Witch It PS4 & Xbox One release some time in the future.

At this moment in time it would appear that there are no current plans to release a Witch It PS4 or Xbox One version as the studio seem to be focused mainly on the PC.

The only hint we have towards a Witch It console release is the following from the games official website FAQs:

Q: Will Witch It be available for PS4, XBox or Switch?

A: We would love to bring the game to consoles and we even did some tests, but currently we don’t have a concrete time schedule for it.

There have in the past been some games that have released onto the PS4 and Xbox One from Steam such as Ark Survival Evolved and 7 Days To Die but it would appear that Sony are a lot more strict when it comes to certain games releasing onto their platforms which is a shame for fans of smaller early access games.

A Witch It PS4 & Xbox One release is certainly not out of the question but for the meanwhile if you are waiting for imminent news of its arrival you might be better off getting it on a different platform.

Team up with your friends or other players to play hunters vs. witches. As a sneaky witch you mimic props and hide yourself to survive the round. As a fearless hunter you go prop hunting to hunt down all the suspicious props for the sake of a peaceful town.

There are currently 3 game modes. ‘Hide & Seek’ – hunters have to find all the witches to win the game. ‘Mobification’ – Catched witches turn into hunters. ‘Hunt a hag’ – skills are disabled for both teams and hunters can only use their melee weapon.

Witch It PS4



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