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Top Gamer Rated Games

1 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
4.56/5 (28)
2 Unturned
4.49/5 (45)
3 Grand Theft Auto 5
4.46/5 (38)
4 Gears of War 4
4.33/5 (10)
5 Uncharted 4
4.3/5 (5)
6 Bloodborne
4.29/5 (8)
7 Left 4 Dead 2
4.26/5 (9)
8 Far Cry Primal
4.22/5 (17)
9 The Last of Us
4.12/5 (23)
10 Rocket League
4.06/5 (13)

What is Gameratedgames?

At, what we are trying to create is a community where Gamers from all over the world can find game reviews by gamers and unbiased, truthful opinions and ratings of old and new games.

What is our goal?

The ultimate goal is to create a review site where people would come and rate their favourite games. They can let other users know which are the games that the whole gaming community love or hate, based on certain factors.

Why make this website?

Too often Gamers get let down by reviews from other gaming websites, magazines and newspapers and yet there has never been any real review site for people to come together and share THEIR views on what are the best and worst games out there!

Why would our ratings be any different?

At the end of the day all of the ratings will be submitted by random users across the world. Nobody will get paid to rate the games or have any links to the people or developers who made them. So by doing this we hope to get everyones view on what really are the best Gamer rated games! By only allowing gamers ratings, we also are now the only Gamer review site to not have reviewers or opinions from any single person. Your score is the only one that counts.

How can You help?

You can help us by rating some games or by submitting suggestions on our suggestions page, telling us if we have forgotten your favourite game, submitting trivia and by giving us your honest opinion on what you think of the site!

We hope you enjoy the site and find the best Gamer Rated Games!