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Battlefield Hardline takes the hit seriesĀ Battlefield to a new world full of opportunity. Battlefield Hardline places the player at the heart of the war against crime in the dirty but bright streets of Los Angeles and Miami, giving him or her the opportunity to live the fantasy of being a cop or a criminal.

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There are a pair of doughnuts on the map "High Tension" and if you spot them your character will say delicious doughnuts spotted and other things.

In "Episode 7: Glass Houses" you can spot some criminals playing Dead Space, another property owned by EA.

Easter Eggs

In the large multiplayer map Hollywood Heights, one of the palacial mansions has a statue strongly resembling a Marker from Dead Space in a fountain.

In Episode 5, there's a for sale sign in front of a home. The company that is selling the home is Visceral Realty, and the real estate agent is Issac Clarke, which is the name of the protagonist from the Dead Space series.

In the map Dust Bowl, there is a couch that can be driven around like a car. If you run over an enemy Agent while driving the couch, the killfeed will list the it as "MERICA"

If you're lucky enough, you may stumble upon an extremely rare reload animation while playing Battlefield Hardline


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