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Living up to the mantra “bigger, better and more badass,” Borderlands 2 features all-new characters; skills; imaginative, diverse new environments with unique missions and enemies; and more exciting and fun weapons, equipment and loot than ever before. All of these features come together in a story that takes players to the world of Pandora to take down the notorious Handsome Jack and his corrupt Hyperion Corporation as a solo campaign or with up to four cooperative players.

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The inside cover artwork for the game was based on artist Olly Moss's art style of his homages to various franchises, however, the clouds in the artwork were taken directly from one of Moss's own pieces; from his Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back fan poster.When Moss found out, he took to Twitter to express his disappointment, however, Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, soon contacted him and apologized for the incident.

Tiny Tina's lazy eye is actually a bug in the software. Instead of fixing her eye tracking, the developers thought that it fit with her character, so they decided to leave it in the game.

In Borderlands 2, There's a character named Michael Mamaril that will give the player free (and usually rare) loot. This character is based on a real-life person who died at the age of 22. His friend wrote to Gearbox, the game's developers, asking them to do a eulogy using the voice of the fan-favorite character "Claptrap". Gearbox not only fulfilled his request, but also added Michael as a character in Borderlands 2, so he could live on forever in Borderlands.


Face McShooty: I NOTICE YOU HAVEN'T SHOT ME IN THE FACE! CURIOUS AS TO WHY! Maybe you're weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that OH MY GOD SHOOT ME IN THE GODDAMNED FACE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Claptrap: Hey, wanna hear the new dubstep song I wrote? Wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub. DROP! Wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub.

Tiny Tina: GAAAH. Here I am about to throw a tea party and the guest of honor is missing! Do me a flava and lure our guest to the party or I'll eat your babies. His name's Flesh-Stick, by the by.

Easter Eggs

On the radio dials, each number goes up by a hundred until it reaches 800 where then it moves straight to 9001. This is a possible reference to the line "It's over 9000" from "Dragon Ball Z".

In the Caustic Caverns is a cave with a number of pixelated blocks. These look very similar to blocks from Minecraft, which break when punched a number of times. Behind these blocks are a handful of enemies called Creepers, including a Badass Creeper, a kind of enemy also found in Minecraft. Among the loot they drop when killed is a new head skin with a pixelated look.

In Sanctuary, there is a chance that an NPC will say "I used to be a Vault Hunter like you, until I took a bullet to the knee." This is a reference to the infamous "I took an arrow in the knee" meme from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

There is a Shotgun in the game called 'Dog'. In the game's code, its file name is "Thre Dog", and its special weapons effect reads, "Because one barrel ain't enough, and two is too few." This is likely a reference to the character "Three Dog" from Fallout 3, who says "Three Dog, because one dog ain't enough and two is too low, it's Three Dog!"

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One of my favourite games, love playing it with my mates