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As a victim of this demonic influence, players will have to choose between the powers offered by this evil or to reject the demonic influence, developing heroic talents instead. Dangers, and enemies becoming more terrifying and fearsome in battle, will be temptations to acquire more power by giving up part of the hero's soul to the demon. Progression of the demonic influence will be reflected by the transformation of the hero's body.

Bound by Flame lets the players customize their character. During the creation of their hero, players will be able choose their gender and freely alter their facial characteristics. This will of course have an influence on the demon's appearance. Bound by Flame also includes a crafting system, allowing them to create and improve equipment, including their armor and weapons. Several companions will join the player during his quest, and will, depending on the player's actions, develop friendship, romance or rivalry.

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Throughout the course of the game, the demon is referred to by both male and female pronouns. The demon's voice and form actually is more masculine or feminine depending on the gender of your player character.

All Undead are never referred to as anything but Deadwalkers

Based on their choices, the player will be able to romance some of their companions

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