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Building on the Call of Duty 4 engine, Call of Duty: World at War thrusts players into the ruthless and gritty chaos of WWII combat like never been before, and challenges them to band together to survive the most harrowing and climactic battles of WWII that led to the demise of the Axis powers on the European and South Pacific fronts. The title re-defines WWII games by offering an uncensored experience with unique enemies and combat variety, including Kamikaze fighters, ambush attacks, Banzai charges and cunning cover tactics, as well as explosive on-screen action through all new cooperative gameplay.

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Call of Duty: World at War also offers a Nazi Zombie mode that pits players in an abandoned bunker out in the middle of no where after a plane crash. Players must defend against the zombies until they are dead. There are many weapons you can use to fend off the zombies including Ray Guns, Flamethrowers, and shotguns.

This game features references to a few famous fictional film privates. In the opening mission, you see a Pvt. Pyle, who is in war film 'Full Metal Jacket'. You also have to try and save Pvt. Ryan, a reference to the plot of WWII film 'Saving Private Ryan' and it's titular character.

As of Januarary 2009, is the only Call of Duty game not to feature the British, excluding spin-off games. They did however, feature in the PS2 version of the game, titled "Final Fronts", where they replaced the Russians.

Throughout the Berlin campaign, snippets of "Dies Irae" from Mozart's Requiem can be heard playing. Another snippet can be heard during the "opening credits" when the Activision logo appears on screen.


Sgt. Reznov: Reading Chernov's diary: April 30th 1945. When he first spoke of Dimitri, Reznov told tales of a hero, someone we should all aspire to be like. At times I have seen him show mercy, but at others I viewed complete brutality, I do not understand him. Perhaps heroes need not question their actions

Sgt. Reznov: Mark my words, comrade... one day things will change.

Sgt. Reznov: The Rotten cancer of fascist Reich ravages Europe like a plague

Sgt. Reznov: [speaking to Chernov] Which do you think is more important, writing about this war or fighting it?

Easter Eggs

On the multiplayer map "Asylum", if the player positions themselves correctly they are able to hear ghostly whispers, a piano playing and even eerie ghostly dogs barking in various locations.

A Ray Gun can be found on the level "Little Resistance" by jumping in puddles on the beach

on the "Verr├╝ckt" zombie map Lullaby for a Dead Man (hidden song) plays after flushing a toilet three times.

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