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Set amid the violence and corruption of post-World War II Los Angeles,  L.A. Noire is a crime thriller that seamlessly blends crime-solving, clue-finding, car chases and shoot-outs with revolutionary new interrogation-based gameplay that will allow players to read characters' emotions in order to reveal the truth. Players will take on the role of Cole Phelps, a decorated war veteran, who rises through the ranks of the LAPD by solving a series of gruesome murders and other crimes that bring him face-to-face with the dark heart of Los Angeles during Hollywood's Golden Age.

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Many of the cases of the game are representations of real-life crimes which occurred during 1940s Los Angeles.

A majority of the actors in this game have appeared on the show Mad Men (2007) including Aaron Staton who plays Cole Phelps

Aaron Staton and Connie Fletcher - who portrayed the voices of Cole Phelps and his wife, Marie - are married to each other in real life

This was the first video game to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. It was shown as an hour-long film, followed by a session where the audience could ask questions to the developers about the making of the game

In order to correctly recreate post-war Los Angeles, the developers studied the photographs of 1940s aerial photographer Robert Spence.

The game took seven years to develop.


L.A.P.D Homicide Desk Detective Rusty Galloway: You know, I really hate this fuck. This Black Dahlia guy. Have you seen the body? Fucking case just gnaws away at your guts. Hollywood... Every prom queen from every fucking hick town in America turns up here. Where do they end up? Gutted on the fucking sidewalk

Cole Phelps: How 'bout at the next junction you shut your trap?

Easter Eggs

During "The Silk Stocking Murder" case it is possible to find what is assumed to be John or Jack Marston's hat from the Rockstar western game Red Dead Redemption. It can be found on a trash can in the alleyway behind your car when you return from the rooftop.

At the first crime scene in "A Marriage made in Heaven" on the dumpster above the trash can where you can find the knife for the achievement/trophy Stab-Rite, you can see an Assassin's Symbol from the video game series Assassin's Creed scratched in a white color.

During the case "Buyer Beware" there is a pistol in the bin. If you examine the pistol, Cole will note that it it is "A FN Browning, Serial number 01138." The serial number 01138 is most likely a reference to George Lucas, as one of his first movies was THX1138 and the number has been in all Star Wars movies and many games as an easter egg.


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