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LIMBO tasks players with navigating dark forests, trap-filled buildings, and stormy cities brought to life with stunning hand-drawn visuals. They must be quick, clever, and fearless if they want to survive their journey and unravel the mysteries at LIMBO’s sinister heart.

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The only time you see some color is when Friend Notifications or Achievement/Trophy alerts pop up, and that's only on the console versions. On Steam, even the Achievement pop-up is black and white except if you're using a custom Steam skin that has color.

There's a gore filter in the options that has the game cut to black right before you die. Doesn't remove the sounds, though

The game was developed by Playdead

No dialogue, no exposition, no fancy controls, no color.

In any body of water that comes up above your head, you drown almost immediately and sink like a stone. There's an audible cue for near-drowning; the soundtrack will begin to fade and it's only after that point that you'll die. You can still press the movement keys which causes the boy to twitch as he dies...

Some parts of the game are not recommended to be played during daytime. It's that dark.


NONE! This game has no dialogue!!

Easter Eggs

At the very start of the game, going in the wrong direction leads to an egg that provides an achievement.

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