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Help Sackboy in his latest adventure and save the day in a variety of stories chronicling his latest exploits and after you have performed your heroic deeds and saved the day, you can continue your journey by heading out to the wider Omniverse to discover an even greater range of amazing adventures and fun games created by the Little Big Planet community! 

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The Yellow Head costume obtained when you defeat the boss without loosing a life is actually from the prototype of LittleBigPlanet which was named "Craftworld" and featured a place holder character called 'Mr. Yellowhead'.

A song in the game got it recalled from store shelves. The song was in Arabic, and contained lyrics from the Qu-ran. The song is called 'Tapha Niang', and the lyrics are (when translated to English):Every soul shall have the taste of death, all that is on Earth will perish.The song is still in the game, but the lyrics were cut out


Narrator: Look at that; face like a smacked bottom...

Narrator: You're going to get stuck occasionally; it's a fact. Now don't get all upset and start hurling your controller at the cat, because he might throw it back and it'll just escalate...


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Loved this game when I was little! I made so many good levels!