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Trials Fusion User Reviews

Trials Fusion combines everything that you love in the Trials series and goes beyond that with improved graphics on PlayStation®4 system, Xbox One and PC (also on Xbox 360).

Discover the all new FMX Tricks system and master crazy Tricks in a new futuristic world. Bring the competition to the next level with new social features and more in Trials Fusion.

- Futuristic, high-tech world
- Master insane Tricks thanks to physics based FMX Tricks System!
- Enjoy a new futuristic world, enhanced graphics with the visual enhancements on next-gen platforms!
- Play your favourite game everywhere, with Trials Frontier cross-platform interactions and content

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Fusion has some challenges which task you to complete the level from a behind view, while the controls are still left-to-right.

Easter Eggs

You can unlock five Ninja difficulty tracks. To unlock each one, get through a track on Extreme difficulty with no faults. Right at the end of the track, bail out. If the driver lands beyond the completion marker in the cave/hole/object/etc., you’ll begin the track again on Ninja difficulty.

Twenty squirrels are hidden across the game.

Secret areas and mini-games can be unlocked when you perform the correct actions.

Flying Fire Rings – While playing the “Wormholin’ – Observatory” level, there is a pipe that shoots fire. Drop down onto the ledge with the pipe, and back up to catch the back end of your bike on fire. Fire rings will appear in the sky. You can fly through them to a wormhole.

Marble Mini-Game – While playing the “Return of the Sphere – Around the Oasis” level, drive in reverse to enter the water near the pipes. This will activate the mini-game.

Maze – When you begin the “Secret Agent – Cliffhanger” level, drive backwards to enter the hatch of the flying saucer. You will then reach the hidden level.

Penguin Wash – When you begin the “Penguin Wash – Stormtrooper” level, drive backward through the ramp. You will see an area glowing purple next to a truck. Drive into the glow to find a secret level.

Tennis Mini-Game – While playing the “Game, Set, Match – Park and Ride” level, drop down to the tennis court and ride to the middle. If you wait a few seconds, you will begin a tennis match against a penguin.

On certain tracks, at the very start, the player can find little Easter Eggs if they go backward instead of forward.


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