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Trine 2 is a sidescrolling game of action, puzzles and  
platforming. You play as one of the Three Heroes who make their way  
through dangers untold in a fantastical fairytale world. The game  
features an exciting adventure full of action, including physics-based  
puzzles using fire, water, gravity and magic; wicked goblins as the  
hero's adversaries; and a magical environment full of wonder.

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Trine 2 has the heroes run through lands with a variety of larger-then-usual fauna, including giant frogs, snails and spiders, not to mention giant mushrooms to bounce off of. The characters believe that the water is likely the source of the huge wildlife.

Zoya never seems to run out of her plain arrows. Applies to her fire and ice arrows in the sequel as well.

About 75% of the levels feature gear powered mechanisms, and plenty of fast flowing water to power them. Some are just for show, others can be interacted with. In addition, all of Amadeus' objects have gears inside them.


"By my trousers, I must escape!"[Amadeus, at the start of the game]

Easter Eggs

The snowman easter egg is located in Level 12, Icewarden Keep. Just jump left through the wall and with a slight delay the camera will switch to the secret room. Go to the left of the room and the snowman will pop up.

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