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Dark Souls II

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Explore a breath-taking world where each dark corner and unexpected encounter will test your resolve. Afflicted by the ancient curse of the undead, you will confront your own fears to emerge stronger than you could ever imagine.

Go beyond what you thought was possible with unique online co-op and competitive play.

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AI can occasionally be broken by circling around them, leaving them standing motionless.

3 tiny pigs in Majula can easily kill a new player due to their high health and small hitboxes.

You can customized your facial features, gender, body type and hair at the outset of the game, and change your armor and weapons to suit your playstyle or aesthetics anytime you like.

The penalty for dying is harsher than in the first game. In addition to losing your current supply of souls and having only one chance to retrieve them, each time you die you suffer a permanent reduction to your maximum health that bottoms out from -50% to -90%. This can only be reversed by sacrificing human effigies, which are somewhat rare and limited.


Crestfallen Saulden: To be alive, to walk this Earth... That's the real curse right there.

Crestfallen Saulden: We undead will never die... And that's quite the predicament, really.

Crestfallen Saulden: Like you, I've lost everything... And now I'm here.

Easter Eggs

In the DLC, if the player defeats the Sir Alonne boss fight within 5 minutes and takes no damage, Alonne's death animation will show him committing sepukku.

Clearing the game without dying or using a bonfire nets you a ring each. All they do is make your weapons invisible, which has limited utility in multiplayer.

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