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Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the critically acclaimed smash hit Wasteland and the post-apocalyptic predecessor to the Fallout series. In Wasteland 2’s alternative history, America lays lifeless in the hot ashes and radioactive embers of a deadly nuclear holocaust. Players take command of an elite squad of desert Rangers, formed in the time-honoured tradition of the Texas and Arizona Rangers. Setting out across post-apocalyptic and treacherous landscapes players try to help the last remaining remnants of humanity survive against hordes of desperate bandits, insane criminals, decaying mutants and much worse.

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The hardest difficulty is "Supreme Jerk", which was the final experience level from the first game.

The game received a significant amount of attention in Russia after Formula 3 Racer Alexey Chuklin donated to the game's Kickstarter. To show their thanks, a character based on Chuklin was inserted into the game as part of a minor quest.

A direct sequel 26 years in the making is pretty much the all-time record for this medium

Many elements that were planned for the game got cut during development, but can still be found in the game files. Most notable are the cut faction known as the Gippers, a community of cowboys who worship Ronald Reagan, and the Car Crabs, a type of mutated hermit crab that use cars as shells.


"Now Rangers, I know it seems, at times, our cause is hopeless. And I know it's hard to say goodbye to a brother in arms. But I want you to know something else - that no Ranger that dies in the line of duty will ever be forgotten, nor will he ever have died in vain... or, unavenged." —General Vargas

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